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The Williams Team

We at The Williams Team are very proud to be connected to these professional real estate companies. As part of Real Living Kee Realty, we have 4 offices, Rochester, Romeo-Washington, Clinton Township, and Plymouth, Michigan, with over 120 fulltime agents.

 In 2012 our team had the 4th largest commission sales in the company and in 2013 we achieved the 3rd largest sales. In 2013 we also won “Premier Service Award “ for giving top service to our clients. Our goal, although we would love to be #1, is not  to be the biggest but to give  the best service to our clients.

In today’s real estate market, there is simply no substitute for a good REALTOR®. Whether you’re aiming to buy or sell property, a REALTOR® can spell the difference between a smooth transaction and an unsuccessful one.

My name is Larry Williams and I am a dedicated and knowledgeable real estate agent with several years experience, specializing in Oakland and Macomb Counties. Luxury homes, waterfront properties and my Purchase-Lease Program are my specialties.

My Purchase Lease Program is what makes me unique amongst other realtors.  Your home will sell much faster than normal real estate, often in 15-60 days.  Please refer to our “PURCHASE-LEASE PROGRAM” for more detailed information.

As a Michigan Resident for over 50 years, I know the “ins and outs” of the Michigan market and can provide you with helpful insights and priceless information.  I can help you make the right decisions and take the stress out of buying or listing a home.  I have over 30 years experience in sales, marketing and negotiating.  It’s the combination of this unique market-knowledge and excellent negotiating skills that enable me to get you the optimal price for any property you plan to sell or buy.

Trust is hard to come by in today’s fiercely competitive real estate market. I am here to provide you with the professionalism and integrity needed to ensure that you feel secure in what can be one of the biggest decisions of your life!

Below include some organizations I am involved with:

  • Auction Specialist
  • Dale Carnegie Graduate
  • Past Zig Ziglar Associate
  • Active Member of WCAR (womens council of realtors)
  • Active Member of REIA (real estate investors association)
  • Member of National and Michigan Association of Realtors (NAR) (MAR)

IMG_07888Clarissa Flansburgh- Sales & Listing Specialist

We thought we had a complete team until we interviewed Clarissa. She had great charisma that made us find a place for her. We actually had to install an entire 4th desk and computer system so we could create a new position for her. Her title, that includes listings, tells the difference. Larry has always tried to handle all the new listings but realized he really needed help in this area, especially to keep in touch with quite a number of homeowners that want to list their home in the future. She will still be working with buyers but will follow up on listings often.

Clarissa comes with some excellent office skills. She is excellent on the computer, very disciplined, and loves working with people, especially to help them buy or sell their house. She exceeds most employees desire to succeed and has enough energy for two people. She also is very responsible, trustworthy and excels when she must work under stress. Her social skills are very strong and will probably be meeting many of our customers at our social events. She really enjoys being part of a team and has a real passion for the work she does.

PERSONALLY: She has a real love for dancing & music and loves going to concerts. She has a dog & cat and is a real animal lover. She loves to go out and eat & with her natural ability to be a fashion statement, enjoys fine dining in the finest restaurants. Like most girls her age, loves to go shopping, she is very outgoing, and enjoys the social life of real estate a lot. She loves swimming, bowling, camping, bicycling, hockey and watching football. She is challenging Larry to a game of pool also. We are very happy to have Clarissa as part of our team.

Krysta Dyer

Krysta Dyer- Graphic Artist

Krysta has a great ability to design an ad from verbal ideas and a rough draft given to her. She is very creative and has a strong background and training in computers and the arts and this shows in her designs.

She is able to communicate to our clients via the artistic page. We are very glad Krysta has agreed to be part of our team.

PERSONALLY: She is very energetic, full of laughter and fun to be around. When she has time she enjoys shopping and always loves being with her family. Besides loving music and going to concerts she also enjoys camping, boating, and a good game of pool or ping pong.

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